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We are destroying our Planet, and this is an irreversible fact. I’m not an environmentalist, I do not attend public protests and I’m definitely not a very loud social media user being eager to sustain my opinion about things. Still, I do observe that we are producing unimaginable amount of trash and e-waste. This fact is popping up in my head every single day, as on a daily basis we throw out something made out of plastic, either a shopping bag or a shampoo bottle.

People are focused on the latest technologies, latest trends, no matter how much the price of new products is, they still buy it because the ultimate goal is to own the newest ones from the market. Owning a perfectly functional smart phone is a totally irrelevant detail when the newest iPhone is out. The smart ones are donating the previous model to other family members or to friends, some of them are selling the old model for a decent price but the majority of smart phone users are throwing away the old models without thinking what is going to happen with this e-waste.

Innocent child in the middle of e-waste, not even conscious of its consequences
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Same question goes to the rest of the electronic devices we replace every now and then. None of us is wondering what happens to all the TV’s, fridges, and washing machines we throw out. According to the international environmentalist organizations more than 20 million tonnes of e-waste are produced every year. Asia is producing 3.7kg of waste per person, the European number looks even worse; we produce 15.6kg e-waste per person (pretty big eco footprint, shame on you Europe), America is the champion of producing e-waste, they reach to 3.4 million tonnes of waste per year. I wonder how come we do not get drowned in this. While we are eager to get rid of “old stuff”, we cause serious environmental and health problems because of toxic chemicals, heavy metals getting into the soil, pollution of air and water suppliers (no, the fact that you are buying bottled water from supermarket does not mean that you get away with this, you are not the only one who needs clear water, there is a significant layer of living creatures down the food chain who need clear water too). Developed countries are shipping illegally e-waste to poorer countries with lower environmental standards.

The world is struggling with all the plastic and trash we produce, there is no doubt of this. The 3rd world’s countries are trying to recycle (manually 🙁 ) what the modern world produces. Luckily there are positive examples too where well-developed countries actually managed to find a strategy for re-using and recycling the trash. European Nordic countries for example found their way out of this by their recycling revolution of burning the trash and producing energy of it. In 2016 Sweden produced 212,500 tonnes of plastic and about half of this was recycled. Nordic countries are importing waste from their European neighbors now and produce energy of it.

The future of our planet should concern all of us. We, as a software company, are trying to add value to the evolution of digital world. Our softwares are supported by logistics which might be thrown away in 2-3 years. Sometimes I think that producing “ghost” products like software it can’t be so damaging to our environment but on the other hand there is no software running without a physical infrastructure, not even through the clouding services.

I wish I could see more business initiatives like Under (Nordic countries you are keep amazing me 🙂 ). This is a typical example of being creative, having business ideas but still remaining environmentalist. The building of this restaurant is 5m down below the surface being sunk into the North Atlantic Ocean. They wanted to create a symbiotic experiment of dining in the middle of marine ecosystem by keeping the rough concrete walls of the building to attract limpet and kelp to cohabit with it. The restaurant was launched in March 2019 but on the long term it will be assimilated into the ocean’s ecosystem, the sign of this is already visible.

The begin of symbiosis 🙂
Source: Instagram account of Under

This is just a teaser article, I wish I could do more…so next time before you throw away your electronic device, please think twice. Is it really worthless?


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Zsuzsa has joined Autofactor in the beginning of 2015 and we have been benefiting from her skills ever since. She’s taking care of planning in all of it’s aspects and makes sure that project managers, developers and customers deliver as promised. Her ‘gentle reminders’ also frequently go out to Hans, by the way.

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