Hanging Around with Obama

On the 8th of November, 2016 the United States of America elect their president. Don’t worry, we won’t waste time and digital “paper” on politics, this blog article is not about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This is about Barack Obama, about David Attenborough, Jerry Seinfeld, Leonardo DiCaprio and environmental protection. Since it’s the end of Obama era he’s worth a few nice words from our end, especially as there is a lot of good stuff to be mentioned about him besides politics.

In the past couple of mandates he was popular for many things. Of course we cannot deny that the Presidential marketing team is extremely talented and they managed to take Obama’s image to a level where he became a cool president doing funny stuff (don’t worry Hans, if you want to get there, we’ll come up with trendy ideas to boost your image too). I like it when a high diplomat manages to get “down” to the people, when he is opened to non-political stuff, he is willing to do things which are not necessary enriching his political capital…like an interview with David Attenborough and Obama is the reporter 🙂

Last year when David Attenborough had his 89th birthday the White House planned a great surprise for him by inviting Sir David Attenborough to an interview with Barack Obama. From my perspective this is much more than a nice gesture, this is a reflection of a lifetime full of professional results, this is a thank you note for his work performed for more then 50 years. Imagine that David Attenborough started his career when there were no color TVs, no HD screens and full HD cameras, no live streaming of reports, no fancy technical innovations which could make his work easier. For those who do not know David Attenborough (this is hard to believe as his face and voice is unmistakable) he is a British naturalist and broadcaster having multiple great series and documentaries on BBC Earth and National Geographic channels. He was born in 1926 and he is professionally active since 1952. The first wildlife series created for color television was “The World About Us” from 1969. The first live series hosted by him was “Life on Earth” in 1979 made by the BBC in association with Warner Bros. Beside the fact that he is one of the most famous television naturalist he is also a worldwide iconic figure. When you watch TV and you reach to a channel where David Attenborough is speaking your hands simply block and you don’t change the channel. This is why we are proud to mention his name in this blog article, this is a sign of respect from us to everything which he has done in the last 64 years of activity.

US President Barack Obama interviewing David Attenborough

It is not the first time when we are militating for green policy and for environmental protection. We are extremely happy to see documentaries like Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie launched in October, 2016. This is a film about global warming and climate change directed by Fisher Stevens in collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio and many others having Martin Scorsese as the executive producer. The documentary was firstly presented on the 30th of October on the National Geographic Channel. The full movie is reachable on Youtube here.

The trailer of Before the Flood documentary

Leonardo DiCaprio established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, a non-profit organization promoting environmental awareness. He is driving an environmental-friendly Tesla car. In 2016 his foundation donated $15.6 million for wildlife protection, combating climate change and encourage the rights of Native Americans. No wonder that he managed to involve personalities like Elon Musk, Pope Francis, Barack Obama and Johan Rockström in the documentary “Before the Flood”. The film got 8.5 on Imdb.com so this is definitely a “must see” movie.

Are you already a fan of Obama? If not, here you have another reason of liking him regardless if you are a Republican or a Democratic person. Obama always wanted to be on a show about nothing. Last year in December his wish came true when Jerry Seinfeld invited him in his “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee” show. Again the White House marketing team did a great job. The show is funny, friendly, and cool with no political tricks in it. Simple show with simple gestures, ideas and opinions. Basic scenario with funny scenes. Jerry Seinfeld and Barack Obama got into a blue Chevrolet Corvette from 1963 and “go wild” in the park of White House :)) Getting a cup of coffee in the White House where Kennedy was hanging around a while ago turned out to be more simple then you think. They keep things simple, they make their own coffee having a nice talk and a good laugh. This is the show where Obama admits that he believe in shaving before morning workouts, he is consumer of one brand in terms of suits, one brand with one color (like Autofactor with green!) and if the temperature in his room is not ok, he gives a call. This show makes you appreciate the small pleasures of life, like a good coffee, a nice friend and a small talk…appreciating all this while having fun.

Barack Obama and Jerry Seinfeld in a show about nothing

I personally love all these non-political stuff about Obama, he is a public figure who makes you smile outside the politics, he makes you realize how lucky you are having friends and a family, having fun and being happy for small things. Come on, you gotta to love this guy…we definitely do and somehow it’s a pity that this cool president’s mandate is ending now. American people we wish you a lot of wisdom for Tuesday as your choice is super hard when you had the chance to have a president like Obama!


(Top photo: Jerry Seinfeld`s Facebook page)

Over Zsuzsa

Zsuzsa has joined Autofactor in the beginning of 2015 and we have been benefiting from her skills ever since. She’s taking care of planning in all of it’s aspects and makes sure that project managers, developers and customers deliver as promised. Her ‘gentle reminders’ also frequently go out to Hans, by the way.

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