Fridays’ Latte Macchiato

Drinking coffee might be an art. Depending on how you like it, how often and for what reason do you consume it, this habit can turn into something magical. Some of us are daily coffee drinkers, others are occasional consumers. Drinking coffee can be for health issues like having too low blood pressure or for simply to keep you awake giving extra energy and power to be more productive. The most “dangerous” reason is when you like the taste of coffee and you have the urge to drink at least 10 cups of it every single day.

If you love the combined taste of sweet and bitter, of hot milk, whipped cream, vanilla or cinnamon you might get trapped in this pleasure. It’s not about waking you up, it`s about adding value to your mornings or late afternoons, adding value to small talks with your friends. A nice cup of coffee in a lovely cafeteria are some solid reasons to live, I mean really these are social strongholds which make our everyday life more pleasant.


Hello Autumn! We are going to sweeten chilly mornings with hot coffee…


The culture of drinking coffee has billions of varieties. Our team is not so big but all of us have different habit of drinking it. There were days when Hans was struggling to drink only one cup of coffee per day for health issues. That was the period when suddenly all of us who could have more of it became public enemies of Hans when showing up with a cup in our hands. Ferenc recently is drinking decaffeinated coffee again for health issues (yeah, age is catching up with some of us). Long time ago he was drinking several extra strong coffees and had no problem at all. It worth to mention that the coffee machine from our office makes it so strong that even a horse could wake up from a single cup of black liquor. Arnold is doing some tasty lattes having great milk frothing strategies. Zsolt is not drinking coffee at all, he has principles and he stays with tea or clean water. Mateusz likes cappuccino, Csaba likes americano and he is totally incapable of any communication and thinking till he does not have his first cup of coffee in the morning. And me, I like latte macchiato…I like it a lot and since I drink coffee because I like the taste I need some discipline to avoid having too many. I’m also trying to avoid having daily dependency of coffee or anything else. This is the simple reason of drinking latte macchiato only on Friday mornings. The weekend is right on the corner, the week is almost ending and Friday anyhow gives a mood of freedom so having a latte on this day is the icing on the cake.

Coffee with cinnamon is like Christmas in a cup 🙂


While I was writing this article I was thinking if I could list a few golden rules for what makes coffee extraordinary. Of course it is a matter of personal needs and taste but still there are some basic rules to have a decent cup of coffee. So I started digging in a bit in this topic and my conclusions are:

  1. Always drink fresh coffee. Freshly grinded beans can have the greatest taste in the world. Try to buy beans instead of grinded coffee, this way you will be able to grind it right on the spot before brewing it. Do not buy big amount of coffee even if there are great discounts in the supermarket, avoid cheap coffee and have only extra high quality. This can be as snobbish as wine drinkers’ need for luxury wines but if you are a real coffee lover you will understand this. Try to avoid mass-commercialized brands if your pocket can afford it.
  2. Coffee beans should be stored in airtight containers or re-sealable plastic bags. Do not freeze coffee in any circumstances, it will lost its great taste after refrigerating it. Just keep it simple and you`ll be the happiest when opening freshly smell beans’ container.
  3. Get a good grinder. After all this is the only guarantee that you will have fresh coffee. This can be a long term investment, big or famous producers are selling traditional grinders too. You would be surprised how big the market of coffee grinders is. You can easily find all type of grinder machines, even of those which bring back your grandmother’s memories.
  4. Use good water for coffee, your morning magic can be ruined by water full of chlorine so try to have bottled water or carbon filtered water.
  5. Pay attention to brewing, the too hot water can extract the essential components of coffee. The optimal time for brewing the coffee is 45 seconds so keep it fast. Reheating or keeping the coffee on a warm platform will make it bitter and with worse taste. The professionals are using press pot and they take all the advantages of what coffee has to offer as they extract the max flavor of coffee. This is a relatively simple method, you need to heat water and poor it over the coffee, leave 4 minutes then press down all the coffee to the bottom of pot, what`s left above the coffee that’s your magic drink.


Press pot for quality coffee, be snobbish to yourself

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Over Zsuzsa

Zsuzsa has joined Autofactor in the beginning of 2015 and we have been benefiting from her skills ever since. She’s taking care of planning in all of it’s aspects and makes sure that project managers, developers and customers deliver as promised. Her ‘gentle reminders’ also frequently go out to Hans, by the way.

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